The Medicines Safety Improvement Programme (MedSIP) is led nationally and commissioned by the national patient safety team.

It supports an initial set of projects (see below) linked to the evidence base on medication errors, and the NHS Long Term Plan ; these include a major project delivered by the 15 regionally-based Patient Safety Collaboratives to reduce medicines administration errors in care homes.

MedSIP is also making progress to deliver system enablers, including electronic prescribing systems, and systems to flag patients at risk of harm in primary care (as recommended by the Short Life Working Group).

The programme is developing and rolling out a framework to help care systems self-assess their approach to medicines safety, both as individual organisations and as members of local sustainability and transformation partnerships  and integrated care systems.

KSS AHSN is carrying out a range of work around Medicine Optimisation, find out more about its work here

Medications safety in care homes

Medication errors are a common issue within the care home sector, impacting on the health and wellbeing of residents as well as adding additional challenges for care home staff and managers to overcome.

The KSS AHSN Medicines Optimisation (MO) team is supporting the PSC Medicine Safety in Care Homes programme, the first stage of which was to engage with a representative sample of care homes and stakeholders via an electronic survey and direct conversations to understand the reasons for medication errors and how these could be avoided in the future.

This baselining exercise culminated in the development of a KSS-wide report, which was fed into a national report, for review by the Medications Safety Improvement Programme board. The national report is available here.

The national findings will be used to develop a national commission, originally expected in April 2010. In light of COVID-19 however, priorities have been readjusted nationally and this programme of work currently on hold.

For more information contact Lisa Devine, Programme Manager: